Fola is the gentle Queen of her homeland, alongside the King, her brother Femi. She is a strong leader among their friends and always has solutions to difficult problems. Fola hates it when people are mean and always likes to make sure that everyone is happy and well cared for, especially her brother Femi. She is known for being a stylish Queen and when she isn’t busy ruling she dedicates her time to fashion, she loves picking accessories and suggesting outfit ideas to her friends.


Femi is the free-spirited King of his homeland next to his sister Fola, the Queen. He is very honest and always encourages everyone to be themselves. Femi has more friends than he can count because he is so friendly and gets along with everyone he meets. When he has completed his Kingly duties his favourite thing to do is dance! Femi often daydreams about dance festivals that he could hold in the streets and is often seen encouraging his group of friends to dance with him, even if there is no music!


Macy is a helpful fairy who uses her wand and fairy dust to help heal the sick, her friends never have colds for very long when she’s around. Macy adores all animals and doesn’t hesitate to use her powers if she sees an animal that is suffering. When there is no one in need of care Macy loves gardening and flowers, her most prized possession, aside from her beautiful wings, is her little strawberry patch in her grandparents garden. She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty in the soil and devotes her weekends to helping her grandad with his herb garden!


Ashleigh was born with pointed toes and a smile on her face. When she is worn out from graceful leaps and pirouettes, she slips out of her ballet shoes and joins her friends’ tea parties. She is full of giggles and is always ready with a joke, so if a friend needs cheering up Ashleigh’s the one to put a smile on their face. When she hasn’t put on her leotard and tutu for a while people say she can get a bit hyperactive, the best thing seems to be to get her back in her ballet slippers and let her twirl until she’s dizzy!


Jacob was once a bit of a mischevious young man until his sister Joslin recruited him as a fellow superhero! Now Jacob always wants to do the right thing and he makes sure his friends do the right thing as well. He is super strong and if he concentrates hard enough he can take off and fly, his abilities come in handy when he helps his parents with the washing up and when he is tidying up his bedroom. When he’s hung up his cape for the day Jacob’s favourite thing to do is watch superhero movies for tips and pointers.


With the help of her brother Jacob, Joslin has made it her mission in life to keep the bad guys at bay. She is as strong as her brother and twice as fast so she can easily keep up with Jacob when he is soaring in the air above her. She is always on lookout for wrongdoers or people in need of help and her love for justice is only matched by her love for all things sweet! She always keeps a bag of popcorn tucked in her belt in case she gets hungry on the job or to share with Jacob while they watch a film.


Max is a lively boy who’s passion in life is football, he has so much energy that he is rarely seen sat down. He is very competitive and dreams of becoming a team captain and winning the World Cup one day. When he isn’t playing football he is watching it on the TV, some of his friends say that it is all he talks about but he knows that’s what makes him successful. Though he can be a bit hotheaded in competitive situations, Max is a kind friend and will always help someone if they need it.

Addison and Charlotte

Addison and Charlotte are best friends who take on the form of mermaids! They are excellent swimmers who love everything aqua. Charlotte is confident and loves to study the beautiful corals in the depths, while Addison is quietly clever and her favourite thing to do is make as many bubbles under the water as she can, together they make the perfect underwater team. Out of the ocean, you might see them, or rather hear them singing together on top of a rock or maybe collecting shells on the beach along with Addison’s sister Ashleigh!

Otis and Olly

Otis and Olly are best buds who have a passion for skateboarding! They are two boisterous boys who spend their time together perfecting their skating tricks and techniques. Olly loves coming up with new ideas for tricks and you’ll always find him eating his favourite food, crisps! Otis is a really playful boy who is crazy about music. When it’s time to put the wheels away they love playing games where they engage in epic battles, Olly prefers to engage in space wars while Otis likes to be a brave knight fighting dragons so they take it turns picking which games to play. The two are rarely seen apart!

The Cowboy

You’ll find the cowboy on his ranch,
On horseback tending cattle,
Hat on his head, lasso in hand,
With spurs on his boots that rattle,
You’ll see him put his rope to use,
When he’s at the rodeo,
Once the horses are let loose,
The cowboy puts on a show!

The Dinosaur

You see a flash of green through the trees,
And feel footsteps that shake the ground,
Your knees are trembling like the leaves,
When you hear a booming sound,
But though he has a scary roar,
There is no need to be afraid,
He is a friendly dinosaur,
And he only wants to play!

The Fairy

Have you ever been having fun
And seen a little twinkle?
Or been relaxing in the sun
And heard a little tinkle?
That’s the tiny summer fairy,
She’s just sometimes a bit shy,
She really isn’t imaginary,
It’s just hard to catch her eye!

The Hippy Chick

There was once a little girl,
Who loved everybody she met,
And all the animals in the world,
From fearsome beast to beloved pet.
With all her heart she loved the earth,
From enormous mountain to teeny berry,
And everything from south to north,
She wanted everyone to be merry!

The Mermaid

Upon a rock sits a mermaid,
Singing a beautiful song,
Her tail lapping against the waves,
She sings and swims all day long.
Into the deep water she dives,
Swimming alongside the fishes,
Gracefully through the water she glides,
Doing whatever she wishes.

The Pirate

The pirate walks on the deck of his ship,
His wooden leg thumping on the boards,
His hooked hand sharp at the tip,
And at his belt hangs his sword.
In his hand, he holds a map,
With a big red cross for treasure,
Above him the Jolly Roger flaps,
As he sails the seven seas in fair weather.

The Princess

On her head, she wears a glittering crown,
Studded with diamonds and gems,
She wears a most elegant gown,
And is surrounded by caring friends.
She is the most charming Princess,
Adored by people far and wide,
A sparkling, magnificent palace,
Is where this Princess resides.

The Spaceman

There is a spaceman, some people say,
Floating high up, amongst the stars,
He is hard to see during the day,
But you can see his house on mars.
He wears a spacesuit of blue and white,
And a big glass helmet too,
So if you look into the sky at night,
You might see him passing through!