Terms and conditions

Any agreement amongst you and Anyonecanbeclothing.com is made on these Terms and Conditions to the prohibition of every single other term and condition.

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.
Any dispute you have which relates to these terms and conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

1.1 In this Agreement we are Anyonecanbeclothing.com.
1.2 You are the individual user on the Register on the Website.
1.3 Goods implies the items specified on the Order Form or any items provided to you as per statement 6.1.2 or provision 7, returns and trades.
1.4 Order implies your offer to buy Goods from Anyonecanbeclothing.com.
1.5 Order Form implies the frame finished by you online when you Order the Goods (alluded to on the Website as “Shopping basket”).
1.6 Website implies http://www.Anyonecanbeclothing.com.

2.1 Browse the Website and select your picked Goods.
2.2 Complete the Order Form in full and follow the directions user on the Website.
2.3 After finishing and presenting the Order Form, you will get an email confirming your order, with a order number on it. No agreement exists amongst you and Anyonecanbeclothing.com until the point that you get this email. At any phase before presenting the Order you may click back through the screens and change any subtle elements you have input and additionally choose not to proceed with the Order.

3.1 The cost of the Goods might be the cost, in pounds sterling, cited by Anyonecanbeclothing.com on the Website beside the delineation/depiction of the Goods. In case of a disparity, the cost showed on the Order Form might win.
3.2 The cost is restrictive of any postage and bundling costs. Postage charges might be as set out in the Website and will change contingent upon whether the Goods are to be sent to an address inside the UK, outside of the UK yet inside the EU or outside of the EU.
3.3 Anyonecanbeclothing.com maintains whatever authority is needed to expand costs of anything showed available to be purchased on the Website as well as postage charges every now and then. In any case, where the cost of Goods as well as postage charge changes amongst Order and delivery, Anyonecanbeclothing.com will respect the lower cost or potentially charge.
3.4 The cost is comprehensive of any VAT payable in the United Kingdom.

4.1 The sum payable by you should be the aggregate cost of the Goods and the appropriate postage charges as set out in statement 3.2. The aggregate sum payable by you in regard of the Goods and postage of them will appear to you before you present the Order. The confirmation of Order email set out in condition 2.3 will show your order number.
4.2 You can pay by any Visa, MasterCard, utilizing Paypal.

Where an Order is acknowledged, it will be handled and statements 5.1 and 5.2 might apply;
5.1 If the Goods are in stock, they will be despatched and delivered to the address given in the Order Form. The accompanying postage times should apply in regards of any Order for Goods that is acknowledged by Anyonecanbeclothing.com:
Postage to:
UK – 5 working days from date of email portrayed in provision 2.3
Outside of UK yet inside Europe – 10 working days from date of email depicted in proviso 2.3
Outside of Europe – 15 working days from date of email portrayed in provision 2.3
Anyonecanbeclothing.com can’t be considered mindful if the postage address gave by you is off base.
5.2 Anyonecanbeclothing.com will utilize sensible attempts to guarantee that postage happens inside the time indicated in provision 5.1 and that the items showed on the Website are in stock. In any case, you recognize that the ideal opportunity for postage determined in condition 5.1 is an estimate.

6.1 If the Goods have not been posted to you 5 days after the most recent date for postage to your address as set out in statement 5.1 you should contact Anyonecanbeclothing.com at contact@Anyonecanbeclothing.com. You will then be given the alternative of;
6.1.1 wiping out your Order. We will then refund the value you paid as per the Refunds and Exchange Policy; or
6.1.2 picking elective items showed on the Website up to a similar estimation of the Goods or enabling Anyonecanbeclothing.com to send you promote Goods or a reasonable option of a similar estimation of the Goods given that should the first Goods along these lines arrive you consent to tell Anyonecanbeclothing.com and for them to come back to Anyonecanbeclothing.com on arrangement of the Goods or on the off chance that you wish to keep both the first and substitution Goods to approve Anyonecanbeclothing.com to charge the cost of the substitution Goods; or
6.1.3 sitting tight for a concurred day and age after which if the Goods are not accessible to you then choices 6.1.1 and 6.1.2 will be accessible to you.
6.2 Anyonecanbeclothing.com might not be obligated for any non-delivery of Goods (regardless of the possibility that caused by Anyonecanbeclothing.com’s carelessness) unless notice is given to Anyonecanbeclothing.com inside 10 working days, beginning from the day after the last date for postage, had postage occurred as per the timetable set out at proviso 5.1. Such notice ought to be to the postal or email address set out at provision 10.6.
6.3 Any risk of Anyonecanbeclothing.com for non-delivery of the Goods might be constrained to supplanting the Goods inside a sensible time or issuing a refund as per the Refund and Exchange Policy.
6.4 If for any reason (other than practicing your rights set out in the Refund and Exchange Policy to restore the Goods) you won’t acknowledge postage of the Goods or Anyonecanbeclothing.com can’t post the Goods on time since you have not given proper guidelines, including but rather not constrained to contributing the right postal address on the Register Anyonecanbeclothing.com may store the Goods until conveyance whereupon you will be obligated for every single related cost and costs.
6.5 Where Goods can’t be posted on account of the conditions itemized in 6.4 Anyonecanbeclothing.com maintains whatever authority is needed to make an extra delivery charge at the appropriate rate set out in proviso 3.2.

We can acknowledge refunds that come back to us inside 28 days from the date your request was despatched. Unfortunately we can’t offer a exchange or refund if 28 days have passed.
All items must be returned and received by us before a exchange or refund can be prepared.
Returns must come back to us in an unworn, unwashed condition and be regarded fit for resale.
postage charges are non refundable unless the item is flawed.
It would be appreciated if you acquire evidence of postage when returning items as we can’t be considered in charge of items we don’t get.
We can’t ensure that your size will be in stock, if this happens we will get in touch with you to check whether you might want a refund, another item or to hold up until the point when the size you require is in stock.
While returning an item please indicate on the off chance that you might want a exchange or a refund and incorporate your order number and evidence of procurement. We will tell you when we get your returned item. We will then process your refund or exchange and get an email to confirm this.
If you don’t mind returning all items to the following:
Anyone can be Clothing
PO Box 12510

8.1 Risk of harm to, or loss of the Goods should go to endless supply of the Goods.
8.2 If you plan to return or trade the Goods as per the Refunds and Exchange Policy, you should take great care of the Goods pending their arrival to Anyonecanbeclothing.com.

9.1 Anyonecanbeclothing.com warrants that it has title to offer the items that is shown on the Website. All different guarantees, conditions and different terms suggested by statute or precedent-based law are, without bounds degree allowed by law, prohibited from any ascension amongst Anyonecanbeclothing.com and you.
9.2 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions avoids or confines the obligation of Anyonecanbeclothing.com for deceitful deception or demise or individual damage caused by the carelessness of Anyonecanbeclothing.com or its representatives.


10.1 You should read the Terms and Conditions, Delivery Charges before purchasing or making an Order through the Website.
10.2 If for any reason a court finds any arrangement of these Terms and Conditions to be invalid or unenforceable, at that point these Terms and Conditions might proceed in constrain aside from those parts of the invalid or unenforceable arrangement that must be erased to empower the rest of the parts, and alternate arrangements, to be legitimate and enforceable.
10.3 Failure or postponement by Anyonecanbeclothing.com in upholding or halfway implementing any arrangement of these Terms and Conditions won’t be understood as a waiver of any of its rights under them.
10.4 Any waiver by Anyonecanbeclothing.com of, or any default under, any arrangement of these Terms and Conditions by you won’t be considered a waiver of any ensuing rupture or default and will not the slightest bit influence alternate terms of these Terms and Conditions.
10.5 Anyonecanbeclothing.com maintains all authority to concede the date of execution or scratch off any ascension under these Terms and Conditions without risk to you in the event that it is kept from or deferred in the carrying on of its business because of conditions past Anyonecanbeclothing.com’s sensible control gave that if the occasion being referred to proceeds for a constant period in abundance of 30 days.
10.6 Any notice required to be given to Anyonecanbeclothing.com. can be in writing and sent by post to Anyone can be Clothing PO Box 12510 COLCHESTER CO1 9RH